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Getting Started

Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver. --Ayn Rand

You have a healthy income, healthy spending habits, maybe even a healthy amount in your savings and company-provided retirement account. But you just have a sense your money could be doing more. 

You’re right.

A comprehensive financial plan is the bridge between the stress you carry about what your money is doing (and will do for your future) and standing on the solid ground of empowered choices.

Here is how we make that happen for you at Align Financial Planning

  • Identify and Refine your most important values and goals. 

We will never assume to know what is important to you. We ask. In fact, we spend A LOT of time at this stage because we can’t give our best advice in a vacuum. Why would you want us to?

We’re going to talk about what keeps you awake at night and what you want instead. How much risk you are comfortable with and what causes you care about. 

It’s deep and detailed and just about one of the most important things we do.

  • Organize your entire financial life.

We cannot manage what we cannot measure. Using the Align Cash Flow System, you’ll learn how to take the stress out of tracking monthly expenses and to help create a plan to spend, save and invest with intention.

This is also where we gather the details of all your current assets and debts into one place, so we can see the whole financial picture at once to identify both its strengths and its gaps.

  • Align your financial picture with your goals in short-, mid- and long-term categories.

Other financial planning companies speak mostly about long-term goals, big life events, or retirement. At Align, we believe you shouldn’t have to fully sacrifice today for some future you.

In fact, after working with lots and lots of clients, we know you will only stick with a plan for tomorrow if it also supports what you want for today. 

  • Review and Implement financial tools (saving/investments/insurance) to reach those goals more efficiently.

There are THOUSANDS (probably millions) of ways you can reach your goals, so we don’t even pretend a choice of a handful of templated plans can really be aligned to you. Our plans are fully custom from top to bottom.

But don’t let that overwhelm you. Because we aren’t just going to show you all the options. We explain them, too, in everyday, non-buzzword conversations while sharing with you WHY we think they are the aligned choice.

Is this more work than picking a pre-packaged option, sprinkling in a little something to call it custom, and hoping you will just trust us? Of course it is. You’re Worth It.

  • Ongoing coaching to update plans and stay aligned 

Your financial advisor is always your first call when you have questions about your finances. We want to support you all the way to and through your goals even as your life changes.

Please Note: Our strategies and plans are NOT the right fit if...

  • You have significant debt or are seeking debt consolidation services
  • Your core desire is to raise your credit score
  • You are looking for fast money 
  • You aren’t open to letting us examine all aspects of your financial life

However, we may be a great fit if…

  • You are disciplined and motivated by reaching your goals
  • You have people in your life you care about supporting both now and later
  • You want to stay in the driver’s seat of your financial journey while a skilled and supportive co-pilot helps guide the way
  • You are ready to be empowered by what your money can do